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Our Clients

Sushi helped our sales grow every year. We do 25% of our orders online.

Ryan Fiala, Normal IL

Sushi has allowed me to grow my business by two additional stores.

Beau Hiner, Lexington KY

I reduced my 3rd party online ordering fees by over 70% when I switched to Sushi.

Dave Schilling, College Park MD

The Sushi team response time for any issues is never hours. It's minutes.

Store Manager, Champagne IL

It's nice to see a POS company that isn't about sticking clients with high credit card rates.

Ed Southworth, Columbia SC

We taught our entire staff how to use Sushi in a single 10 minute session.

Manager, Boulder CO

Our Features

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Truly Intergrated Online Ordering

  • Fully branded to ensure a consistant customer experience.
  • Orders placed online print direclty off the recipet printer like it was placed in-store. It's amazing.
  • Our clients see on average a $1.00 increase in ticket sizes when taking online orders.
  • Loyaly and rewards all ready built in. You set the points and ways to redeem them.
  • Create coupon codes to place on marketing materials. Our discount/coupons engine gives you the flexibily needed to accomplish any marketing objectives.
  • You can edit your own menu in real-time.
  • Bad weather? Turn off delivery or post a message on our website for all your loyal customers to see.
  • Contact sales for a more in-dept feature breakdown.

Customer Receipts That Sell

  • Includes your logo, facebook page, twitter account, and a custom note. It drives some social interactions.
  • Rewards codes that can be redeemed online. See "Loyalty and Rewards" for details.
  • All options above can be edited or changed from any device with an internet connection. See "Reporting & Administration Tool "Buffet" for details.
  • Contact sales for a more in-dept feature breakdown.

Our Special Delivery Features

  • Auto calculates delivery fees based on geo grids. Never missout on another delivery fee again.
  • Set tip share as flat percentage or flat rate. Always accurate and increases worker happiness.
  • Drivers get PULL Slips ©. A list of all deliveries that will be taken on that run. PULL slips decrease delivery times while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Saves customer addresses in-store and online for easy reorder.
  • Contact sales for a more in-dept feature breakdown.

Included Packages

  • Full Table Top
  • Express Counter Mode
  • Delivery
  • Online Ordering
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Contact sales for a more in-dept feature breakdown.

Great Credit Card Rate Built In

  • We pool our clients buying power to get the best rates possible and we love finding ways to drop their rates.
  • Our goal isn't to make money on credit card processing but to provide steller software. Having this control allows us to by-pass the cumbersome Credit Card company interfaces and keeps you in one familiar interface.

Reporting & Administration Tool "Buffet"

  • Voted #1 feature in 2013 our customers love our "Buffet".
  • Power search allows you to search every order, employee, item, ingredient, discounts, giftcards and reports at the same time.
  • Works on any device.
  • 30+ reports on everything in your system. Sortable and filterable. Exportable data. CSV, PDF, JSON, XLS
  • Don't see a report you need? We'll build it for you within 24 hours.
  • Words do not do this feature justice and we highly recommend seeing it in a demo. Contact sales to setup a personal viewing.

Loyalty and Rewards

  • Instore loyalty codes are printing on customer recipets to be redeemed in their online accounts. Get more customer data. Removes fraud. Reduces enviromental impact. No high costs of printing and giving out swipable cards. Increases speed of checkout process. Happier customers.
  • Create our own discounts for marketing with our comprehensive coupone and rewards engine.
  • You set the points awarded and redmeption methods.

Security & Anti-Theft

  • We track who, when and what cash drawer was accessed. It's all visible in Buffet in ease to read reports.
  • Quickly see reports on VOID, CANCEL and REFUNDS.
  • See all employee tranasctions on tickets.
  • Solid closing procedures gives to the penny accurate deposits.


  • Our hardware is priced to save our clients time, money and energy.
  • We backup all our eqiupment with our own internal warrenty.
  • Downtime costs you money so when something breaks we will act quickly to fix to send a replacement.
  • We carry everything in stock and will process request within one day.

Support & Training

  • 24/7 we are avaiable to help via phone, email, and text message.
  • We have very detailed training resources that are to the point and built to be viewed quickly.
  • Our state of the art system is always monitoring itself. If there ever is an issue that needs our interventon we'll likely know before you will.